Expert Zone

Specification of our departments

The B2B Sales Department – deals with cooperation with institutional clients from Poland and international concerns from the food segment. Our customers include international food corporations, leading yoghurt producers and companies from the confectionery and convenience sector. The main task facing the B2B channel is to match the existing offer or to develop a product to meet the specialised needs of the customer.

The Research and Development Department – in order for a new product to be created, its formula and technological process must be developed first. Our R&D department’s technologists are involved in selecting ingredients, developing new flavours and improving existing ones so that consumers are even more satisfied with the tastes of our products. Employees are characterised by such features as accuracy, conscientiousness and commitment to the tasks they are entrusted with.

The Marketing Department – these are people who combine creativity with analytics. This is where the world of each of our brands is created. The specialists in this area take care of every detail that builds up the image of the products in the eyes of consumers. The opportunity to work with the best brands and responsibility for their position on the market are everyday challenges for Brand Marketing employees.

The Customer Marketing Department – they know everything about how to effectively transfer the marketing strategy directly to the shop and what influences the decision-making process during the purchasing process. On this basis, they design, implement, coordinate and evaluate promotional activities in their work. The correct arrangement of products on the shelf and additional displays, their presence in the right place at the right time is crucial.

The Finance and Accounting Department – includes the Finance, Accounting, Controlling, and Clearing Departments. Their work consists in creating tools for effective planning and providing current information on the results obtained, in constant contact with our clients and external partners (Contractors, Banks, Offices, Courts) to ensure financial liquidity and fulfil statutory obligations. This includes openness to change, the ability to think analytically, draw conclusions and work in a team.

The GTM Department – analyses, among other things, the market in which we operate and the behaviour of our consumers, as well as creating recommendations for distribution and commercial activities aimed at effectively reaching the shop with the product.

The Graphic Design Department – two teams (Design and Prepress) of talented people who influence the world of our brands, products and social programs. The right composition, the right choice of colours, sensitivity to aesthetics and technical knowledge are just some of the elements that characterise the Graphics Department.

The Sales Department – the Sales Department of Maspex is one of the largest in the country. It sells products both in traditional (wholesale and retail) and modern (retail chains) channels. The range of positions held by the employees of this Department reflects the enormous scale of our company’s operations – among others, Merchandisers, Sales Representatives and Managers of Regions work here to ensure the excellent sales of our products throughout Poland.

The HR Department – being a socially responsible employer, the company provides its employees with a range of activities that influence the development of their competences. The identification of training needs, organisation and coordination of further training programmes, coordination of activities in the area of the 360 Assessment and the Competence Model are carried out by specialists from the Training Team. The HR Department is also intensively involved in the Recruitment Team, whose main task is to invite the best candidates to cooperation and coordinate the Onboarding Process. In this Department you will also find the Team of Trainers, responsible, among others, for raising competences among the managerial staff and the HRBP Team, which operates in our Production Plants in the area of HR tasks.

The IT Department – responsible for the maintenance and development of central business applications used by employees from all departments of our company in Poland and abroad. They also manage LAN and WAN networks, as well as communication systems such as e-mail and video conferencing systems. They are also responsible for cyber security in its broadest sense and for highly accessible server systems. The IT Department employs experienced engineers, IT specialists, specialists in applications, programming, databases, network and server systems, who also look for new technologies on the market, such as IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and others.

The Quality Control Department – is to guarantee delivery to the customer of a product that meets or even exceeds his requirements. For the company, this gives a positive image on the market and greatly facilitates further development.

The Human Resources Department – employs a total of over 7,500 people. On a daily basis, they ensure that all employment procedures are carried out in accordance with the law, as well as that salaries, working hours and holidays are correctly accounted for.

The Logistics Department – deals with planning and analysis of storage locations, development of delivery routes and coordination of goods transport. Employees are characterised by competences such as good work organisation, self-motivation and independence of action. They work with one goal in mind: to make sure that Maspex products reach customers on time and in the right amount.

The Foreign Brand Department – is primarily responsible for conducting cooperation and sales with customers in the area of service production under the customers’ own brands (the so-called private labels).

The Media&Digital Department – decisions on the implementation of campaigns in individual media are made here. The tasks of the specialists working here include, among other things, precise planning of what medium we will see an advertisement for Kubuś, Tymbark or Lubella: whether it will be television, Facebook or perhaos even in cooperation with influencers. In this department, they are also responsible for building mobile applications, constructing contests or digital campaigns, the presence of content on channels such as YouTube, taking care of our websites and partially for communication in social media. In this department, the skills of planning, analysing, keeping up to date with the latest digital knowledge and responding to rapidly changing trends in this environment are valuable.

The DMD Department – was established to maximise business efficiency through appropriate collection, processing and inference from data, preparing recommendations for the internal client. We have the possibility of attaching further important data sets from external and internal sources and to use them to analyse, monitor and alert, and this is what we are doing right now – we are using the Qlik tool for basic reporting as well as the competences of the analytical team.

The Customer Service Department – takes care of ensuring that the orders of our individual structures and Business Units are fulfilled. What is important for them is good relations with our Partners and the efficiency of the orders being executed.

The Production Planning Department – is the key to the company’s profitability. Its specialists ensure that each product is manufactured and delivered in the quantities, dates and locations appropriate to the current market needs. This Department cooperates with many other Departments, including Marketing, Purchasing, Sales, as well as Production and Logistics. On the basis of various types of analyses, the specialists working in this Department work out activities optimising various aspects of the entire supply chain, such as complex production, planning and logistics processes.

The Warehouse Department – is a functional and organisational unit intended for the storage of material goods in a separate space of a warehouse building according to established technology, equipped with appropriate devices and technical means, managed and operated by a team of people. Warehouse receives, stores and dispenses raw materials, packaging and finished products. The basic tasks of warehouse workers include the unloading and loading of means of transport and the supply of raw materials and packaging for production halls.

The Legal Department – provides comprehensive legal services to Maspex Group companies, supporting the functioning and development of its business in Poland and abroad. The Legal Department provides, in all areas of the Group’s activities, the necessary advisory and executive support to all other Business Divisions, in particular the Operating Divisions.

The New Product Development  Department – this is where the idea of each product begins, by examining trends, expectations and needs of consumers. Innovation, openness to novelty and creativity are the qualities needed for NPD work. Those who are interested in following the market and who are not afraid of new challenges will feel rught at home here. The study areas useful for work in the NPD Department include sociology and marketing.

The Production Department – employs specialists dealing with the implementation and coordination of current production strategies in response to market demand. Production experts streamline and optimise complex production processes.

The Public Relations Department – is concerned with taking care of the positive image of our company in its environment, both internal and external. It is here that specialists carry out activities in the field of communication, keeping employees and consumers informed about all activities undertaken by the company. As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we implement, among others, some of the largest national social programmes for children and young people, support local communities, run educational campaigns and prepare campaigns and programmes for employees and their families. Scrupulousness and creativity are important here.

The Procurement Department – this department is responsible for purchasing all kinds of raw materials and packaging of optimal quality and at a competitive price needed for production at all company locations. They also take care to ensure continuity of production under conditions of dynamic market changes. The specialists working in this department are mainly involved in obtaining and negotiating purchase offers, searching for safe and innovative materials for production and building good relations with suppliers. The department observes high internal standards, in accordance with the strictest standards and regulations.

The Export Business Unit  – the objective of this business unit is to develop sales of our branded products from the Food and Beverages offer in foreign markets. Foreign sales currently account for 32% of the company’s revenue. Export employees responsible for cooperation with over 60 countries around the world are faced with many interesting challenges. The areas for which the specialists from this team are responsible include taking care of established commercial relations, preparing commercial offers and negotiating their conditions, as well as acquiring new clients. They also represent us at many prestigious foreign fairs and B2B meetings. Each day of work with a foreign client gives the opportunity to develop communication skills using foreign languages, negotiations in different cultural circles and commercial competence.

The Innovation Management Department – is responsible for building an ecosystem of innovation in the company and obtaining external funding for the implementation of ambitious and innovative projects. Projects carried out in this department facilitate not only the conduct of research and development works on product or process innovations, but also implementation of the assumptions of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental policies. The activity of the department is characterised by cooperation with all departments in the company, as well as with external partners, such as universities, research units, clusters, associations, foundations, start-ups both from Poland and abroad. The Innovation Management Department takes care of the image of Maspex as the Innovation Leader in Poland and Europe.

The Health and Safety Department – is connected with environmental protection. It deals primarily with occupational health and safety training for employees, organisation of additional courses (e.g. first aid, operation of trolleys, hoists, etc.), reviews of working conditions in production departments, assessment of occupational risk in various positions, preparation of post-accident documentation, fire protection in the company, environmental reporting and cooperation with supervisory authorities on working conditions (WIOŚ, PIP, PIS).

The company also has specialists in the Technical and Mechanical Departments who take care of the smooth and trouble-free functioning of all equipment and machines.