Since the beginning of its existence, Maspex has consistently strived to minimize the negative impact on the environment, in every area of its activity. By the end of 2023, we have spent a total of PLN 220 million on pro-ecological investments. In the next 2-3 years, we plan to spend another PLN 55 million on pro-ecological investments. Maspex is constantly striving to improve its production processes, using modern, energy-efficient, water-efficient and at the same time most efficient technological lines. We take care of the proper condition of machines and equipment, we have modern high-bay warehouses. The company plans production in a way that ensures maximum capacity utilisation; it also raises staff awareness through frequent training. Most of the Maspex production sites have Integrated Permits, which require them to use Best Available Techniques (BAT) for the food industry.

We save electricity


Less electricity consumption thanks to state-of-the-art production technologies.


Own photovoltaic farms allowing the conversion of solar energy into electricity – up to 9500 kWh per day.

9,5 MW

Photovoltaic farms – total power 9,5 MW.


Energy-efficient LED lighting in warehouses and logistics centres.


Maximum reduction of energy, water and gas consumption.


A conscious reduction in the use of electricity in favour of ‘green energy’.

We care about the low carbon economy

25% less carbon dioxide emissions when the production is integrated into an automated warehouse.

Recuperation systems or ventilation with heat recovery.

Modern gas-fired boiler plants equipped with high-class economisers with efficiency close to 97%.

20% ecological effect through the use of ground exchangers for ventilation.

We run a responsible water management economy

Waste management and packaging

We carry out detailed monitoring of the amount of generated waste, we segregate it carefully

Over the past few years, we have reduced the weight of plastic packaging for our juices, drinks and nectars by 30% – their weight has been reduced by about 1,500 tonnes.

The packaging is marked with information that indicates which materials it has been made of which helps consumers segregate them in the right way.

We are a member of the EKO-PAK Employers’ Association, an organization which brings together, among others, the largest companies introducing products in packaging to the market.