About us

The B2B sales department is responsible for cooperation with institutional customers from Poland as well as foreign companies. Our customers include international food corporations, leading yoghurt producers and companies from the confectionery and convenience sector. When working with business customers, we try to adjust our offer to your needs as precisely as possible or to create a product with the special requirements of specific contractors in mind. Maspex uses state-of-the-art production technologies. Thanks to this, our products are distinguished by their excellent quality, which we achieve by using the best raw materials, high class technology and by trusting in the experience and high qualifications of our employees.



A certificate recognized in Muslim countries allowing commercial cooperation with these countries. It demonstrates that the processes of production, packaging and storage of products have been carried out in accordance with the requirements of Muslim culture.


A restrictive certificate for kosher food, which demonstrates that the food sold in the area is of high quality and allows for commercial cooperation with Israel.

IFS Food

IFS is an international standard for auditing suppliers and manufacturers of private label food products. It serves to unify food safety controls.


The UTZ certificate guarantees that some raw materials used in the production of final food products come from sustainable cultivation.

Our products


Rich colours will make our customers’ products look more attractive, and their high quality will also make the whole composition taste great. They can be successfully combined with various types of chocolate, ice cream, yoghurt and cakes. Our offer includes dragées in various sizes such as micro, mini and medium, as well as tear-shaped dragées. It is also possible to order printed dragées, dragées with a flavoured core, and crushed dragées.

Nuts and decorations

Nuts in milk chocolate and sugar coating are not only an excellent, sweet snack, but also a fancy addition to confectionery products. Maspex also offers a wide range of products for decoration such as sugars, multicolored Vermicelli-type sprinkles, coloured sugars and sprinkles of various shapes and colours. They can be used as a sprinkle for ice-cream or donuts, a coating for sour jellies and lollipops or a decoration for baked goods.

Coated extrusions

Small cereal crisps are coated with chocolate in several flavours. These can also be additionally covered with sugar coating in many colours. By using the most modern machines that our factories are equipped with, we are able to offer our customers products in a wide range of flavours and shapes. Food producers like to use them as decorations and flavour additives. Extruded products are perfect as additives for yoghurts (as toppers or dual cup), sprinkles for ice cream, donuts and many other baked goods.

Sugar sprinkles

In their unique forms, Nonpareils and Vermicelli are excellent additives for both confectionery and bakery products as well as for ice cream, jellies and cakes. These decorations work well as dessert and coffee sprinkles, and their unique colour and taste will increase the sensory value of each product.


Extruded additives

Cereal products made from different types of flour, including wheat, rice, corn and barley, as well as their blends. These can be used for a variety of purposes – from well-known breakfast cereals, or small additions to curd desserts and yoghurt, to bases for health-promoting cereal bars. According to the needs and wishes of our customers, we can also prepare extruded products in more fancy shapes (e.g. hearts or bats), as well as in different colours and flavours.

Cookies and snacks

Our offer includes a wide range of different types of cakes and sweet and savoury snacks in many shapes and flavours, as well as with various prints that can be customized to meet specific customer requirements. Cakes and sweet snacks, in addition to traditional consumption, are perfect as an addition to yoghurts and ice cream, while savoury baked goods work well in combination with various types of dips, sauces and cheeses.

Pasta, flours, q-farin, bran

Our pasta is made from high quality wheat. A special milling process makes it possible to obtain flour which makes the pasta sufficiently hard and perfectly resilient. For B2B sector clients, we offer two types of pasta – traditional and instant. Thanks to the hydration level of up to 2 minutes, our instant pasta is an excellent addition to ready meals and instant soups. We also offer traditional flours with a special purpose profile and functional Q-Farin flours.

Whitener, foamer and instant products

In our offer you will also find instant products such as whiteners and foamers as well as coffees, chocolates and instant tea drinks. Low and high-fat whiteners (up to 78%) are an ingredient often used by our customers in coffee beverages (2in1 and 3in1), sauces, soups and dips. Foamer is one of the most important ingredients of any cappuccino mix.

Fruit and vegetable powders

An important element of our offer are fruit and vegetable powders available in many flavours, including traditional and more exotic ones. Powders are an intermediate product with a wide range of applications, which can be used as a base for various types of soups, fruit and vegetable sauces, drinks, yoghurts or jellies.