Marketing communication standards


We have created these standards as a statement to our employees, associates, all entities and their employees creating marketing content that is made available in any way in all forms of communication for each of our brands.

We are aware of the importance and impact of marketing communication on the image of individual Brands, as well as the entire Group and its related entities. Therefore, we undertake not to carry out any actions which would adversely affect the image of the above mentioned entities or products in the eyes of the public, or which would damage the good name or reputation of Brands or Maspex Group.

We will respect the principles of applicable law, social coexistence and good manners, and all actions will be taken in a responsible manner, bearing in mind their particular impact on the social image of the Maspex Group and its Brands.

In communication, we respect everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, education, background, nationality, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs.

We do not allow content that offends religious feelings, promotes ideologies of Nazism, communism or apartheid or questions the historical truth.

We undertake to approach the content carefully so that it is not vulgar, offensive or obscene.

Our marketing activities will respect the rights of third parties, in particular their privacy, intellectual property rights and fair competition rules.