Social programmes

15 mln

childrena took part in our programs.


nationwide social programs addressed to children and youth.

15 years

of experience in CSR activities.


local institutions supported each year.

Every 2nd

kindergarten in Poland participates in the “Kubusiowi Przyjaciele Natury” programme.


Polish representatives started in the tournament “Z Podwórka Na Stadion o Puchar Tymbarku”.

10 thousand

schools took part in the last edition of the “Akademia Bezpiecznego Puchatka”.

More than 50

repainted hospital wards in Poland.

200 thousand

More than 200,000 students a year take part in the “Akademia Lubella”.

Our social programmes

Z Podwórka na Stadion o Puchar Tymbarku – 2.5 million girls and boys have already participated

The “Z Podwórka na Stadion o Puchar Tymbarku” [From the Courtyard to the Stadium: the Tymbark Cup] tournament is the largest football tournament not only in Poland but also in Europe for primary school children, whose final matches are held every year at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw, just before the Polish Cup final. The tournament is played in three age categories: U-8, U-10 and U-12. The main objectives of the Tournament are to promote football and active spending of time among children, to identify football talents and make children’s dreams come true. All editions have been attended by more than 2,5 million children, and 1/3 of the participants were girls. The games cover the whole of  Poland  – all communes, districts and provinces – and end with the final matches at the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw, just before the Polish Cup final. The hallmark of the Tournament is a high level of sport and a huge dose of positive football emotions, as well as an exceptional  main prize – the Tymbark Cup and a meeting with the players of the Polish National Team together with the winners attendance at the match of the White and Red. The tournament was the beginning of a football adventure  for over 50 representatives of Poland of different  age categories: Arkadiusz Milik, Krzysztof Piątek, Piotr Zieliński, Tomasz Kędziora, Bartosz Bereszyński, Bartosz Salamon, Marcin Kamiński and Paulina Dudek. Honorary patronage over the games is held by the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda. The Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health have also assumed patronage over the Tournament. The Polish Football Association is the organizer of the tournament, and Tymbark is its main sponsor.


Akademia Bezpiecznego Puchatka [Puchtek’s Safety Academy] – over 3 million children have taken part in the programme

The aim of the programme is to educate and improve the safety of children who are starting school. The programme draws attention to potential risks and makes children and their parents aware of the consequences of dangerous behaviour at home, at school, on the road, on the Internet and during leisure time. Each of the schools enrolled in the programme receives, free of charge, special educational materials prepared by methodologists and a prestigious certificate confirming the honourable title of membership in the “Akademia Bezpiecznego Puchatka”. The program also includes the National Safety Knowledge Test – the first and largest initiative of its kind in Poland to test children’s safety knowledge on such a large scale. Over 3 million children have already participated in the “Akademia Bezpiecznego Puchatka”. The programme is organized by the Puchatek brand in cooperation with the Bureau of Prevention and the Bureau of Road Traffic of the Police Headquarters. The Honorary Patrons of the programme are the Chief Commander of the Police and the Education Office.


Kubusiowi Przyjaciele Natury [Kubuś and the Friends of Nature] – almost 9 million children, every 2nd kindergarten in Poland

“Kubusiowi Przyjaciele Natury” is the largest national educational programme for children from kindergartens and years I-III of primary schools, dedicated to ecology, organised by the Kubuś brand. Each year the programme enjoys great interest among the institutions. So far, almost 9 million children have already taken part in the event. Every year, every second kindergarten in Poland learns together with Kubuś! The aim of the programme is to encourage children to take care of the natural environment, to teach them respect for nature, but also to teach them good eating habits as well as to spend time and exercise actively. Each institution that registers for the program receives a free package of educational materials for teachers and children. A lot of novelties have been introduced to this year’s edition, because the subject matter of the program has been expanded and the educational materials have been expanded. Under the programme, the participants learn such skills as how to take care of plants, animals and clean air, how to segregate rubbish, save energy and water, why it is worth eating vegetables and fruit and how to spend time actively in harmony with nature. The fact that an organisation participates in the programme and takes care of the environmental education of its residents is confirmed by a special “Kubusiowi Przyjaciele Natury” certificate.


Akademia Lubella – almost 1 milion primary school students participated in the programme

Young people like to gain knowledge through engaging tasks and interesting experiences. Akademia Lubella is a project that supports the education of students about the principles of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle. The educational programme Akademia Lubella is aimed at students of 6th to 3rd year of primary school and their teachers. Not only did they gain extensive knowledge about healthy lifestyle, eating habits, food wastage and cooking, but they also participated in a special competition in which there were attractive prizes to win! Both registration and participation in the programme as well as educational materials, scripts and other teaching aids are free of charge. The participants of the Akademia Lubella learn the basics of a healthy lifestyle, the need to differentiate products in their daily diet and can see how important a role these play in nutrition. They also learn about correct behaviour in not wasting food and why the value of shared meals and their preparation should be appreciated, as well as the joy of shared cooking.


Kubusiowe Szpitale [Kubuś and his Hospitals] – 50 changed hospital wards for children

The programme “Kubusiowe Szpitale” is another important project aimed at children. As part of it, Kubuś paints children’s wards in hospitals all over Poland.  Although staying in the hospital is never a pleasant experience for the youngest patients, Kubuś manages to make it a little more pleasant. Uninteresting halls and corridors are transformed into fairy-tale and colourful landscapes full of positive emotions. The contractor of the projects is Maciej Kot – a well-known and universally acclaimed artist, specialising in beautifying the spaces where children live. Thanks to the “Kubusiowe Szpitale” programme, hospital rooms are transformed into child-friendly, colourful places. Walls full of fairy-tale characters and joyful colours already delight children in over fifty hospitals across Poland. Each project is different, but all have in common that they are full of sunshine, warmth and colour. There is also always a painted Kubuś on them, which gives comfort to children. Hypoallergenic and odourless paints are used to create the paintings – thanks to this, not only the final effects of the works, but also the whole process of their creation is friendly to the youngest. The importance of the environment in which children fnind themselves is emphasised by parents and doctors, but the most important aim of the programme is the smile of small patients.

5 portions of vegetables, fruit or juice encourage Poles to enrich their diet

Since 2007, Tymbark has been encouraging Poles to enrich their diet with vegetables, fruits and juices as part of a global initiative to promote the consumption of 5 portions fruit and vegetables every day. In addition, together with other producers belonging to the National Union of Juice Producers, the company carries out a wide range of activities for consumers, as well as educational programs for children, aimed at developing appropriate eating habits in this area. Vegetables, fruits and juices play a very important role in human nutrition because they contain valuable ingredients, i.e. vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Some vitamins (e.g. vitamin C, ß-carotene) and other biologically active compounds contained in vegetables and fruits (e.g. polyphenols) have an antioxidant effect. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO), everyone should consume at least 400 g of fruit, vegetables or juice per day. Experts recommend that you eat fruit, vegetables or juices for each meal – a minimum of 5 portions per day. A portion may be a medium-sized fruit or vegetable (apple, carrot) or several smaller pieces (strawberries, cherries, grapes). In addition to fresh vegetables and fruit, a glass of fruit, vegetable or fruit and vegetable juice or mousse is a portion. Fruit and vegetable juices and mousses can be part of a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and nutrients. The greater the variety of fruit and vegetable products, the more varied and tasty it is.


We support more than 1,000 local institutions each year.

Maspex operates among local communities that have been close to it since its inception. Throughout its 30 years of history, the company has always been present in the lives of its neighbours – regional societies. By actively supporting actions and initiatives for children and young people, it has a real impact on their development in the fields of charity, culture, education and sport. Assistance to organisations and institutions operating in the regions where the company’s production plants are located is, apart from national social programmes, an extremely important part of its social responsibility activities. As an internationally operating company, Maspex does not forget about its local communities. The companies belonging to the Group are involved in events and actions organised in the county areas where the production facilities are located, supporting mainly initiatives for children and youth. In all these regions together, Maspex supports up to 1,000 institutions and organisations every year – foundations, charities, help homes, schools, kindergartens, clubs and associations, cultural events and much more. The company’s products delight children and young people during excursions and school celebrations, stand on tables during local events and quench the desires of athletes at regional competitions, strengthen charity organizations and add flavour to cultural events. This means that every day they are even closer to local communities and support them. The support is also implemented through active participation in important events for the residents – such as family picnics, concerts or festivals. To this end, Maspex cooperates with representatives of local governments and organizations and continuously takes an active part in matters important for local residents. The promotional and communication activities of the brands also take into account their roots – Lubella, Tymbark, Kubuś, Łowicz or Włocławek are involved in the course and organization of local holidays and events, providing the residents with attractions and space for integration. The company is also involved in education and training – it creates patronage classes for students who are trained in technical professions, cooperates with universities and scientists, and participates in scientific events.