Social activities18 May 2020

Lubella Łączy – the brand delivers 200 000 products for children

As part of the #LubellaŁączy campaign, the brand plans to donate 200 000 products to around 1000 care and educational facilities throughout Poland. Influencers who support the idea were involved in the action, demonstrating joint cooking of pasta dishes #LubellaŁączy.

ubella Łączy (Lubella Brings People Together) … around the idea of mutual assistance. As part of a massive charity campaign, the brand decided to support those in need by donating pasta, flakes, flour and pretzel sticks to care facilities throughout Poland. In the current situation, the patients and residents as well as the educators of these institutions are facing many challenges. To support them at this time, Lubella is giving them the best that it has – valuable cereal products. The brand intends to deliver these products to every childcare facility in Poland. Activities started at the end of April, and the first parcels are already reaching the children and their carers.

ubella Łączy (Lubella Brings Together) … those who need it. The brand contacts institutions in every voivodeship – it intends to reach every such institution that needs support. Such institutions may also apply directly to the action by contacting us at – Product support will mainly go to orphanages, family orphanages, care and educational institutions, local support centres or community centres.

ubella Łączy (Lubella Brings Us Together)… and wishes you a good meal! This action is proof that we should be together in this difficult situation. This is highlighted by the Influencers involved, who, during live social media coverage, show how they cook delicious pasta dishes with or for their loved ones. As part of #Lubella Łączy, each creator will also indicate the orphanage of their choice, which Lubella will support.

The following influencer have planned cooking together as part of an idea: Anna Starmach, Lara Gessler, Damian Kordas, Ciocia Liestyle, Jankes, Blowek, Dominik Rupiński, Mela Modela, Karolina Gilon, Bakusiowo, Edyta Pazura, Podziarany Tata and many others.

ubella Łączy (Lubella Brings You Together) … by inspiration. Because time spent with your family at home can be a valuable experience. The action additionally draws attention to the fact that Lubella’s products can be an inspiration to spend time together creatively – not only at the table during a meal, but also in the kitchen, while preparing a meal.

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