Social activities26 June 2020

Maspex has joined the #GaszynChallenge

Maspex has joined the popular #GaszynChallenge campaign, in which the whole of Poland is doing push-ups for sick children, collecting money for their treatment. Thank you for your nomination to the ‘Give a Chance’ Association from Wadowice. Under the watchful eye of Katarzyna from the Human Resources Department (who was nominated for the task), we have completed the challenge and supported a charity collection.

The fundraiser that we support as part of the action is:

The rules of the challenge are very simple, the nominees must do 10 push-ups. The task is combined with a payment for a charity collection for the sick child.

The following people took part in the challenge: Human Resources (Katarzyna, Katarzyna, Anna, Justyna, Anna) and our company’s footballers, who compete in the Maspex Employees’ Football Championship every year: from Struktura Handlowa Tradycja Food (Karol, Bartek, Marcin, Marek, Przemek), from M-Logistic Tychy (Krzysztof, Arkadiusz), from the plant in Tymbark (Franciszek, Wojciech, Tobiasz, Wojciech, Paweł), from the plant in Olsztynek (Wojciech, Rafał, Łukasz), from Struktura Handlowa Sieci Beverages (Dariusz, Norbert, Jakub, Damian, Andrzej, Mateusz, Piotr), and from the Ekoland plant (Mirosław, Marcin, Wojciech, Łukasz, Tomasz, Rafał).

See how we handled the sporting challenge on the Maspex Career profile:</a

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