Social activities16 April 2020

Maspex supports local facilities

We have provided financial support for Wadowice Hospital for the purchase of necessary personal protective equipment for medical personnel and food products for employees and patients. Our company will also hand over its products to facilities for the care of the elderly in the Wadowice district, as well as to centres for people in collective quarantine. This is yet another action of support for those in need during the epidemic, on the part of Maspex, a food company whose headquarters are in Wadowice. 

Maspex provides financial and product assistance to the Wadowice Hospital to meet urgent needs related to the current epidemiological situation. The complex of Health Care Centres in Wadowice will receive an intentional donation of PLN 100 000for personal protective equipment for medical personnel. The financial support will be used to purchase surgical masks and masks with special filters, barriers and protective aprons. The demand for these materials has been estimated for the next few weeks. Apart from financial support, our company will also provide food products for the current needs of our staff – doctors, nurses and patients. These will include drinks, mousses and juices from Tymbark and Kubuś, Lubella pasta, Krakus soups, Łowicz sauces and jams and Plusssz dietary supplements.

“Maspex has given the Wadowice Healthcare Centre Complex a unique gift. This is not only financial and material resources, but an expression of solidarity, support and understanding for our demanding work. The food provided will be used in the preparation of meals for patients and hospital staff, the funds will be used to purchase personal protective equipment for the staff of the unit: doctors, nurses, rescuers, diagnostic laboratory staff and many others. The gift given to us at a time when most operators will have to face a number of risks and problems in their own activities is all the more valuable and is an expression of altruism, so important at difficult times. While thanking Maspex, I also express my gratitude to all entities, the big ones, the small ones, as well as to individuals, for the fact that thanks to the masks, visors and aprons, we, the employees of the hospital in Wadowice, our families and our patients receive from you a sense of security,” said Barbara Bulanowska, Director of the Healthcare Centre Complex in Wadowice.

In addition, as part of local support, Maspex will provide its food products to people staying in collective quarantine facilities organised in our district, as well as to elderly and solitary people who are in the care of Wadowice’s institutions at this difficult time, including the Municipal Social Assistance Centre, the Wadowice Starosta and Wadowice City Hall. The products will go to people who are currently unable to go out and make use of organised meals, as well as to elderly people in the five nursing homes in the county.

The company also organises product support for institutions from the regions where its other production facilities are located, including: The Heart for Hearts Foundation of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Łódź, the Municipal Social Welfare Centre in Łowicz, the canteen of the Polish Red Cross in Łowicz and the staff of WOŚP in Łowicz, which organises volunteer work, the Food Bank in Olsztyn, the Association for the Disabled and their Families in Olsztynek, which organises Occupational Therapy Workshops, the Senior Citizen’s Day Home in Olsztynek, and the Municipal Welfare Centre in Limanowa. The company Lubella, owned by Maspex, also offered product support for two Lublin hospitals; the Independent Public Hospital of Jan Boży and Independent Public Clinical Hospital No. 1.

Apart from the Polish companies belonging to the Maspex Group, the local aid campaign also involves the Maspex Group’s companies which operate outside Poland. Product support for hospital staff will be provided by the Maspex departments operating in the Czech Republic and Hungary, while the plant in Romania will provide protective equipment to local hospitals and 200 000 food products for the staff of hospitals fighting the epidemic in this country.

Last week, as part of a nationwide campaign, the Wadowice company donated more than a million of its products to specialist infectious diseases hospitals all over Poland. As part of this measure, Maspex products will be delivered to 21 hospitals, – all specialit infectious disease hospitals, including the Gynaecological and Obstetrical Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Poznań and the Mother and Child Institute in Warsaw.

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