Ambassador Programme

Feeling too much energy at the university? Share it with us!

Imagine that you are the first person at your university who not only knows what we will offer to students in the coming academic year, but will plan, organise and help promote it with us.

Learn about the role of our Ambassador

As an Ambassador, you will become a link between our company and your university, your academic circles and other organisations that are active in academic circles. As a representative of the student community, you know best what current students expect from future employers, and that is important to us.


In practice…

You will get to know our company from the inside out – not only the brands, products, principles and values we follow, but above all the people who make it. With this knowledge, as our representative you will be responsible for creating the company’s image as an employer among students. It will largely be up to you how Maspex will be perceived at university and how others – your colleagues – will perceive it. You will be able to join in the organisation and promotion of the “Skills Academy”, “Meetings with Business” or other events that we are planning, and propose your own event.


What will you gain in return?

Participation in the Ambassador Programme will primarily allow you to develop the competences currently needed in the labour market, such as planning and good organisation, teamwork, communication skills.

In addition, you can count on:

Who are we looking for?

  • People who have many interesting ideas and can put them into practice
  • They are studying; but still have the energy for additional activities and want to use it for non-standard projects promoting the image of Maspex; while building their image.
  • They are active members of student organisations

Do you think it is about you? This means that you are the ideal candidate for our Ambassador!

The programme is addressed in particular to second- or third-year students; mainly from Silesian; Krakow and Warsaw universities. However; if you want to convince us to be active in another region of Poland – let us know.


Are you wondering whether you will be able to reconcile studying with being an Ambassador?

Participation in the Ambassador Programme can be easily combined with study and work – each activity is announced well in advance so that it can be included in your schedule. You get involved as much as time allows, and we promise that the activities are organized with the academic year in mind (during sessions, holidays, etc. we do not involve you – that’s a promise).

Do you have questions, do you want to join us? Write to us.


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