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New nutritional solutions for oncological patients   According to the World Health Organisation, in 2016 about 7.1 million patients were diagnosed with cancer in Europe.



One of the main challenges in treating cancer is to prevent or alleviate malnutrition associated with the treatment process (i.e. loss of taste, taste in the mouth, metallic taste, mouth ulcers, vomiting, loss of appetite). The current clinical nutrition market offers a variety of oral nutritional support products. However, they do not concern the pleasure of eating or the nutritional preferences of patients, which leads to a negative impact on their quality of life.

Our solution to the problem through project activities

The aim of the ONCOFOOD project is to design and develop new innovative food solutions for oncological patients, taking into account not only their nutritional requirements but also their sensory changes, promoting eating pleasure and preventing malnutrition.  Research with cancer patients, but also their families and doctors and nurses supporting patients will allow the development of a range of nutritional solutions aimed at the changes in taste and smell that patients experience.  In addition, the project will use innovative technological solutions, such as a 3D printer, which will allow to create new solutions for patients who, due to treatment, experience difficulties in swallowing food. A wide range of meals and snacks printed in 3D technology will be created.

Expected results

An exceptional and innovative range of high quality food products not currently offered on the market, addressed to cancer patients, taking into account their nutritional and sensory requirements.  A wide impact not only on business value creation but also on society and the EITFood community at large.  To develop and test with patients a range of food solutions aimed at changing the taste and smell (soups, pouch mousses, fruit and vegetable drinks, milk desserts and spices). Of these, at least two will be selected for placement on the market.

Partners: AZTI, Maspex, Fruktus Agros Nova, Ekoland, University of Reading, Warsaw University, NaturalMachines Funds: EIT Food Project duration: 2020 – 2021