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DecoMorreno is the classic Polish traditional cocoa – its logo, a windmill, is inseparably connected to and associated with the brand. The intense cocoa flavour, strong aroma and deep dark colour are the attributes that define its highest quality. That is why DecoMorreno cocoa is used in almost every household in Poland, especially during holiday periods – not only to prepare chocolate and cocoa cakes and baked goods, but also to make a hot cocoa drink.

DecoMorreno is a definite leader in the traditional cocoa category in Poland. The brand’s products also include hot chocolate and chocolate drinks. DecoMorreno drinking chocolate is a unique, two-component-only product with a 43% cocoa content and an extraordinarily intense flavour. Hot chocolate drinks are perfect to warm up and relax, providing a helping of chocolate pleasure. The inspiring sweetness, aroma, velvety texture and variety of flavours make DecoMorreno the most popular drinking chocolate in Poland and a strong leader in its category. In foreign markets, DecoMorreno chocolate drinks are sold under the La Festa brand, achieving the position of a strong leader in Romania, Ukraine, Hungary.

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