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Łowicz is a family of fruit and vegetable products. An important and distinctive feature of the brand is that it combines tradition with openness to new challenges and tastes. It has accompanied Polish consumers since 1965 and is valued for its high, proven quality and excellent taste. Łowicz is a modern brand with tradition, which stands out for its Polishness, tradition, unquestionable quality and affordable price. The wide range of products makes it possible for consumers to find here proposals for all meals during the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is the market leader in jam products, sauces, tomato purees and a leading player in the categories of syrups and ready meals.

The Łowicz brand has in its portfolio a whole range of fruit products (jams and jams with reduced sugar content, 100% fruit jams and Extra Smooth 100% fruit jams, ChocoJams, syrups and Śliwkoweg Plum Preserves), tomato products (concentrates, puree, passata and tinned tomatoes), ready meals (classic Polish dishes in a jar, Kociołek do syta, Kaszotto, Risotto).

During the year, Łowicz offers many highly popular limited products to consumers. In addition to the unique flavours, there are also well-known proposals in a special edition – with seasonal labels.

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