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Krakus is a leader on the market of cucumbers, soups and soup concentrates. The brand has been famous for its excellent preserves for over 50 years and is appreciated for its refined, carefully composed recipes and for its taste and key attributes – crunchiness, aroma, and colour. It calls up positive associations with tradition. Krakus has a rich export history which distinguishes it from other processing brands. Due to its high quality, consumers choose Krakus for special and unique occasions, especially holidays.

Since the beginning of its activity, Krakus has offered traditional preserves and additives to consumers. These flavour compositions have been known for generations! Thanks to attention to every detail, proven suppliers and careful selection of all ingredients (vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices), Krakus products are second to none. When choosing Krakus, consumers have a guarantee that this is how the kitchen tastes at its best!

The brand’s flagship products, and at the same time synonymous with its categories, are pickled cucumbers and soups such as red borscht and borscht concentrate, as well as sour cream and sour cream concentrate. These are the iconic products of Krakus.

The brand also offers basic gherkins  and flavour variants, which not only perfectly complement the product range, but above all meet the needs of consumers. In Krakus’ offer there are also pickled cucumbers and condiments, such as horseradish and red beet with horseradish.

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