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Polski Lek S.A.

Polski Lek S.A. is a pharmaceutical company that specialises in providing innovative products for the most vulnerable groups of consumers, such as pregnant women, babies and children. The portfolio also includes a wide range of dietary supplements for adults. The products have been developed on the basis of scientific research, with the support of the knowledge and experience of experts. The wide range of Polski Lek products includes, among others, specialist preparations for use during seasonal colds (Verbascon line), preparations for recurring problems with the ear, nose, throat (ENTitis), cough and hoarseness (Tabletki Emskie z Wadowic, Finsla), lines intended for pregnant women, babies and children (Prenalen, Bobolen, Omegamed and Solbaby), as well as iron preparations (Aciferol), probiotics (Dierol) or specialist preparations for women (Climeston, Miositogyn GT, Gynauxi). The brand Plusssz offering sparkling tablets is a leader among vitamin preparations for adults. Polski Lek also offers a range of calcium, magnesium and ear hygiene preparations. The company’s portfolio also includes specialist medicinal products for children – Pedicetamol and DropiCe.

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