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Lubella is the clear leader on the pasta market in Poland and a recognized producer of cereal products, including flakes, flour, groats and salty pretzel sticks. The brand is also known in other European countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain, Iceland and Macedonia.

Caring for the highest quality and unrivalled taste has been a tradition for almost 140 years. Lubella selects the best ingredients for its products and pays attention to every detail. It continues to develop and draw on the best of Polish tradition and enriches its offer with innovative products that inspire you to discover new tastes – Lubella encourages you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the best quality of various cereal products.

Perfectly shaped, with excellent resilience and a golden colour, Lubella pasta is second to none – it will meet even the highest culinary requirements and makes the ideal base for many exceptional dishes that the whole family will love. The Lubella brand also includes whole grain cereals, without palm oil and glucose syrup, flour and groats, as well as salty pretzel sticks.

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