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Puchatek, as a leader in the category of instant drinking cocoa, is one of Poland’s most famous and valued children’s brands. Since 1993, Puchatek cocoa drink has accompanied millions of Polish children every day, not only at breakfast but also throughout the day. This cocoa, sold under the Brumi brand, is enjoyed by children in countries such as: Romania, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine.

Children love and appreciate Puchatek cocoa for its delicious chocolate taste. Mothers who care about their children’s health place great trust in the brand. The product contains minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium and 10 vitamins, all of which are extremely important when it comes to a child’s proper development. Vitamins and minerals provide the children with a daily serving of energy to support memory, concentration and learning. Puchatek cocoa supports children’s mental development and gives them strength from morning right through!

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