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Formerly associated mainly with puree juices prepared on the basis of the Masurian carrot and fruit, today Kubuś is still synonymous with carrot juices, but also offers a rich portfolio of the highest quality of various products. These proposals are particularly liked by the youngest, as well as appreciated by adult consumers. At Kubuś, the most important criterion is that all these products meet the most stringent Children’s Standards. Among these are: safety (all products without preservatives and without dyes or glucose-fructose syrup), convenience (packages are adjusted to the needs of the youngest), 100% fruit in juices and mousses, detailed care (control on over 100 points in the production process), as well as the best ingredients and trust (long-term cooperation with farmers who have been growing fruit and vegetables from generation to generation). All of these standards ensure that Kubuś produces the safest and highest quality products, prepared especially for the youngest.

Kubuś is the leader in the category of juices, nectars, drinks and mousses for children in Poland, as well as in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It enjoys the unwavering trust of parents and children – it offers the most popular products in its category.

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