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Project name

Project name

Construction of a polygeneration unit producing energy for “Ekoland” Sp. z o.o. Place of implementation: Branch of Maspex Group “Ekoland” Sp. z o.o., Tychy, Strefowa 2.

The project is implemented under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment, Priority Axis I, Decarbonisation of the economy, under Measure 1.6. Promoting the use of high-efficiency cogeneration of heat and electricity based on demand for useful heat, Sub-measure 1.6.1.  The direct objective of the project is to make more efficient use of the energy contained in high-methane natural gas through cogeneration in a high-efficiency cogeneration system. The production of electricity in cogeneration will reduce CO2, NOx and hydrocarbon emissions.  The operation of the polygeneration system will lead to the partial elimination of SO2, dust and soot emissions as well as solid waste from the combustion process. The beneficiary will reduce the costs of electricity and gas of GZ-50 in connection with cogeneration and partial independence from the electricity supply. The polygeneration system will ensure the continuous operation of the plant, especially in cases of energy crises.  The result of the project will be:   Installed power – 2410 kW, including 1200 kW of electric power, 1210 kW of thermal power. The product of the project will be a polygeneration unit generating: (a) electricity; (b) thermal energy in the form of cold and heat; Heat used directly or to produce steam or for the production of cold.

Total project value: PLN 7,795,555.50 PLN
Grant amount: PLN 3,063,462.90

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