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Project name

Project name

Development of an innovative method of manufacturing tomato products based on natural ingredients

The goal of the project is to develop a new method of ketchup production which will be a healthy alternative to products available on the market.  The main objective of the project will be implemented by:   1. selection of appropriate raw materials and ingredients for ketchups (including an appropriate variety of tomatoes and composition of vegetable purées) giving the products an appropriate organoleptic profile and significantly increased nutritional value   2. development of a technology allowing for the elimination of thickening substances   The project will allow for the development of completely new solutions in the technology of production of processed fruit and vegetable products and, as a result, development of product innovations.  The direct result will be innovative tomato-based products, e.g. tomato ketchups with a high tomato content, composed only of carefully selected raw materials, without the addition of sugar, vinegar, starch or other thickening agents, preservatives, without allergens and flavour enhancers, sweetened with concentrated apple juice/natural sweeteners with the addition of pro-/prebiotics, fibre or other health-enhancing substances.  The proposed product will be based on a tomato variety which does not lose its valuable properties after thermal treatment – it contains vitamins A and C and retains its most valuable component – lycopene.  The economic goal of the project is to introduce unique ketchups with significantly increased health and nutritional value to the market, and the whole activity will  enrich and diversify our commercial offer.  The project is implemented under the Regional Operational Programme of the Łódzkie Voivodeship for 2014-2020, Axis 1. Research, Development and Commercialisation of Knowledge Measure 2.1 Investments of enterprises in research and innovation

The total project value: PLN 5,287,535.00
European Funds contribution: PLN 1,998,854.00