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Project name

Project name

Establishment of a Research and Development Centre in the areas of innovative warehouse and logistics processes

The project includes the construction of a Research and Development Centre and its equipping with the necessary infrastructure in the areas of innovative warehouse and logistics processes for ZPOW Agros Nova in Łowicz. We plan to purchase infrastructure directly related to the objectives of the project which will be used to conduct R&D works for the development of innovative technologies and solutions for storage and picking processes. The project assumes the creation of new jobs and a permanent, coherent and multidimensional cooperation with research centres such as the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing in Poznań as well as enterprises from the SME sector including Quantum Qguar Sp. z o.o. during the implementation of the R&D agenda. All the activities of the new R&D Centre, as well as the proposed innovations, will contribute to strengthening the Company’s and the Group’s position and building its competitive advantage on the FMCG market. The construction and launch of the Research and Development Centre will allow for the development of optimal management methods for warehouse management, logistics processes, transport management, warehousing, material flow, optimal resource management and the creation of conditions for generating more ideas and technological concepts, the implementation of which may bring significant benefits for the development and optimisation of storage and logistics processes across the Maspex Group. The R&D agenda will address the areas of BigData, the Internet of Things, advanced data mining and artificial intelligence, which is in line with the Industry 4.0/Logistics 4.0 concept. The project will develop the use and adaptation of these areas and on this basis build new, improved storage, picking and logistics processes. The project is implemented through the Entrepreneur Service Centre in Łódź as part of the Regional Programme of the Łódź Voivodeship for 2014-2020, Research axis, Development and Commercialisation of Knowledge, Sub-measure: R&D infrastructure of enterprises.

Total project value: PLN 23,973,895.89
European Funds contribution: PLN 8,390,863.56
Project implementation: from 05-11-2018 to 31-12-2020