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Project name

Project name

Development of a highly effective and flexible technology for processing a wide range of agri-food products in order to obtain high-quality vegetable preserves.

Project location: Fruktus Agros Nova Sp. z o.o. Sp.k., Wąsosz Dolny ul. Traugutta 130, 42-110 Popów

The project is implemented with the National Centre for Research and Development under the Intelligent Development Operational Programme for the years 2014-2020, Support for conducting R&D works by enterprises; Sub-measure: Industrial research and development works carried out by enterprises.

The aim of the project is to develop a process innovation in the form of a flexible vegetable processing technology as part of the sub-processes: washing the raw material, dosing spices, automating the dosing of class I and class II cucumbers, silage, liquid and dense products and pasteurization, as well as quality control of raw materials and finished products . The result of the Project will be a process innovation on the Polish and even foreign markets.

The economic objective of the project is is the possibility of achieving a number of advantages, including in the field of more effective and efficient implementation of unit operations, which will translate into, inter alia, to improve production efficiency, maximize the use of the infrastructure produced, reduce media consumption, improve the working conditions of Operators or significantly reduce quality defects in the product. The implementation of the Project will meet the needs of the Company in terms of maximizing the economics of its business, as well as end recipients in terms of obtaining a high-quality range of vegetable preserves

The developed technological innovations consisting in replacing the existing production lines with one new one will be used in production under the flagship brand of the Company – Krakus,  under with be offered i.e. pickles, pickled cucumbers in various taste and other pickled vegetables, vegetable mixes, horseradish-, beetroot based products, soups, broths and concentrates, tomato preserves.

Duration of the project:                        01.06.2021 ÷ 30.09.2023

Total project value:                                PLN 32.228.711,85

European Funds contribution:           PLN 13.022.979,77