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Project name

Innovative prototype of an analytical platform using the mechanisms of the Internet of Things

The subject of the project is comprehensive industrial research and development work on developing an innovative platform for the analysis of distributed and heterogeneous data. The resulting solution (a technologically complex system/analytical platform) will consist of: [1] a hardware layer – intelligent Internet of Things devices (telemetry shelves and telemetry modules), whose purpose will be to obtain data from various sales channels, and [2] a software layer – special software to analyse the collected data. The need for the project results from the complexity, quantity and size of market data used in the processes of optimisation of the sales and promotional activities of the Applicant. The multitude and diversity of data (unstructured data from different channels – shops, vending machines) makes it very difficult for the Applicant to obtain relevant, reliable data for analytical purposes and to build, based on these data, highly accurate recommendation and distribution models for sales and promotional activities. This phenomenon can be defined as DRIP (Data Rich Information Poor) syndrome, which adversely affects the efficiency of actions taken. The innovative platform for the analysis of dispersed and heterogeneous data will support promotional and sales activities undertaken in modern and traditional channels and in alternative channels. Thanks to the work of the platform, recommendations for given distribution channels of the Applicant will be created.

Total project value: PLN 18,122,897.50
European Funds contribution: PLN 8,059,955.47