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Project name

Development of a new cultivar of ground tomato dedicated to processing and improvement of the technology of its cultivation in order to obtain high quality, repeatable and efficient production in Polish climate conditions

The subject of the project is a comprehensive solution to the problem of insufficient domestic production of ground tomatoes of high quality for processing, mainly for production of tomato concentrate.  The main objective of the project will be implemented by:   – development of a new variety of ground tomato (Łowicz tomato) with desired properties adapted to Polish climatic conditions   – optimisation of cultivation technology:  • development of a dedicated monitoring and crop management system based on, among other things, hyperspectral imaging from drones and advanced image processing algorithms and artificial intelligence • developing recommendations for nutrition, irrigation and application of plant protection products dedicated to ground cultivation using modern technologies (e.g. drip irrigation, fertigation).  The project is implemented in a consortium composed of ZPOW Agros Nova (leader), Plantico and QZ Solutions. Each of the consortium members is responsible for a selected area of the project:   Agros – for the new cultivation technology   Plantico – for the new varieties of ground tomato   QZ Solutions – for the cultivation management system   As a result, the raw material base will be extended to secure the production and sales needs of ZPOW Agros Nova, improving the economics of tomato production, replacing the import of concentrate with own production and increasing the quality of the produced concentrates.  The project is implemented in cooperation with the National Centre for Research and Development under the Intelligent Development Operational Programme for the years 2014-2020, Support for conducting R&D works by enterprises; Sub-measure: Industrial research and development works carried out by enterprises.

Total project value: PLN 38,337,327.31
European Funds contribution: PLN 21,023,895.28